Welcome! Friends-only entries ^__^
Hi everyone! I've just decided to friends-lock most of my entries because of the many download links.
This LJ is entirely dedicated to Morikubo Showtaro so that's what you might find here!

editing :
Yes, to read my entries I need to friend you. Thus, being nice with me would be a start, specially because I don't have ANY interest to add people so I can read their journals. ^_~
I'm also not interested at all in uploading stuff to share with people that won't even write a ''thank you'': if you won't bother to thank a person for providing something of your interest, don't bother adding me.

And if leeching ( and consequently download links stolen) were not so frequently, I wouldn't even need to make this journal friends-locked.

From now on, I'll only friend a person that is kind enough to write a comment here, so don't even bother to add me if you won't write a comment. Everyone that has friended me until now has been immediately friended by me.

Alike people that write personal entries and cherish their privacy, I also want to keep my Showtaro links with a certain level of privacy. If one likes him as much as I do, I believe it wouldn't be hard for us to start a friendship.

Thank you.

YouTube: Just to clarify
Hi friends, I don't know if you've noticed, but my main YouTube channel (morikuborules) was suspended a few days ago. Luckily I have my backup channel, which is now the official and main one LOL


For the moment, I don't have any notifications on Copyright (crosses fingers) and if I receive one or 2, I'll create a new backup channel. I don't mind it, as long as we make Shou-chan more and more popular hehehe

I'll re-upload most of the videos that were deleted, except for the ones that I know will bring me trouble.

See you all soon!!


Shou-chan's blog translations at shou_chan_4ever!
Hey friends, just to let you know that thanks to crystal_ageha  &  blackdog_girl , Shou-chan's blog has been translated into English at shou_chan_4ever! I'm also proud to have just become a moderator on this lovely community. <3
See you all there!

Recruiting Shou-chan fans!
Hi everyone!! ^___^
I am planning, and I'll need help for that, to post translations for Shou-chan's blog, here or anywhere else.
For that, I would like to recruit people that know Japanese, have some free time to help and possibily being a Shou-chan fan.  I'm thinking about some other Shou-chan fan because this way, the ''work'' would be fun as well, and not just another boring translation.
I have a dear friend that's been working in video subtitles with me, tappajamursu, but honestly I don't think it would be interesting for him to translate Shou-chan's blog not being a fan. >.<
I'll ask him and if he says yes, then I'll inform you guys.
If anyone also wants to help with video subtitles, please let me know too. I can only do the timing and encoding, and obviously, the uploading. ^_~
Please, if anyone is interested, comment here.
Thanks in advance!

[Videos] Morikubo Showtaro & Fujita Saki Voice Crew #585 & #598 subbed in English
2 more Voice Crew videos translated into English thanks to my friend tappajamursu.

The videos are on YouTube.


In this video, they start talking about the icecream Dippin' Dots. Then the conversation changes to a message from Saki to Shikamaru...


Here they talk about impulsive shopping. Shou-chan says his last impulsive shopping was a...guitar. I don't know why, but Shou-chan buying guitars by impulse is not new to me LOL

[Videos]Morikubo Showtaro & Fujita Saki on Voice Crew subbed
Between April 2008 and March 2009, Morikubo Showtaro & Fujita Saki were the hosts of Voice Crew.

I'll be updating this entry as soon as we work on more videos.

For now, me and tappajamursu present the following:( click on the title to watch the video)

Voice Crew # 609

Voice Crew # 617

Shou-chan in Renai Bancho with Terashima Takuma(YouTube)
Has anyone been watching these? The videos are HERE.
OK, but you will agree with me and say it's kinda hard to find Shou-chan videos there, isn't it?
So I've made it easier for us:

episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4
episode 5 -->with KENN
episode 6 -->with KENN and comments at the end.
episode 7 -->Shou-chan's new look(not really ''new'', but he's cut his hair a bit)
episode 8

I'll edit this post so I can add the upcoming episodes! Hopefully we'll have many of them. Shou-chan is really funny(and hot like always).
I like Terashima Takuma too and Bob. It's cute when Shou-chan calls Bob because he says ''Bobo'' !!
I've been downloading each one of them as well, in HQ( 35), and as soon as I manage to make my internet better or at least ''uploadable'', I'll post them here.
Normally each video had 5 to 7 minutes, and it's 40 mb, I think it's a pretty decent quality.


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